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Heat Wave

After a very long pause of recording any sort of music, this weekend I felt the need to pick up the guitar again.

I’ve been participating in a couple game jams recently, and I wanted to do something similar with music. So I challenged myself to record something in a weekend. No time to keep changing things, no thinking too much about it, just record and publish.

Decided to record a cover of Heat Wave by Snail Mail since I started listening to her album Lush after watching I Saw the TV Glow the other day (She plays as Tara in the movie). I unfortunately butchered the song, and instead of doing the lead guitar as the original song, I started playing the lead guitar from Hybrid Rainbow by The Pillows, my favorite Japanese band. It was an interesting mix, and, while I don’t like the final result, I had fun playing and I’m happy I was able to record something again.

The biggest issue was not checking if the song was in my vocal range, so instead of making you hear me sing an octave down, I left the original vocal track by Snail Mail. Also, the intro is a bit out of tempo, but too late to change things now. I prefer to do this in order for me to publish it, because 99% of the recordings I do end up in a folder in my computer, and I want to change that.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope I can record more music in the future. Also, this was a good excuse to write another entry here, so looking forward to making more of these.